Springfield Veterans Memorial

Springfield, South Dakota


The Springfield Veterans Memorial is to be located at Terrace Park at the south end of Walnut Street. The Memorial will look a lot like the picture above. It features a tapered 20 spire with a stainless steel LED light at the top and a broken/zig-zag wall attached to the spire. At its base the spire is 30 X 30. The top of the spire is 12 X 12. The spire will consist of four pieces. The wall sections are 4 wide with the section that connects to the spire at a height of 10. The wall sections will taper down to 5 high. The thickness of each wall section is 6. The spire contains emblems Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and National Guard. Additional emblems can be added to the spire such as the POW/MIA.The spire stone will be similar to gray cloud and the wall stone will be jet black. The number of wall sections will be based on the number of names and number of photos.  The memorial will include three flag poles. The tallest pole, which is being donated by Mike Durfee State Prison, is 40 and currently resides in front of the old National Guard Armory. The other two flag poles will be of equal height but will be shorter than the main pole. The USA flag will be flown from the tallest pole and the South Dakota and the POW/ MIA flags will be flown from the other two poles. The cannon that is now at Terrace Park will be part of the memorial.


Names to be included on the Memorial


The memorial walls will contain the names of veterans who have ties to the Springfield area. This includes the names of veterans and currently active military personnel. If an individual currently lives in the Springfield area or once lived in the Springfield area, attended school in Springfield, was a member of the Springfield National Guard unit or has family from the Springfield area, the memorial committee will consider the inclusion of their name on the memorial. Please contact Jim Hornstra (40827 312th St., Springfield, SD 57062 or springvetmem@yahoo.com or call (605) 369-5555) to suggest a name for the memorial.